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In fact, studies demonstrate that when such temptations are made salient, people who feel committed to their relationships tend more strongly to derogate the alternatives and enhance their existing relationships.

It is only when a relationship has already gone sour that alternatives begin to appear more desirable.

Nor do car buyers anticipate that the purchase of a particular vehicle will improve their dating prospects, whatever marketers might want them to believe.

Perhaps this happens sooner in the age of online dating; if so, this is a trade-off that users might willingly incur, given the vast improvement in opportunities that online dating provides.

There is little doubt that in a comparatively short span of time, online dating has changed the landscape of mating and dating.

As a relationship researcher, I'd like to see hard data before concluding that rates of commitment are any lower than they were when the Internet was nothing more than a way of getting news and sending email.

Slater is right when he points to the quality of perceived alternatives as one of three major predictors of commitment.

Also sometimes they end up taking it badly and sometimes get nasty.