Ddclient dyndns not updating christian online dating over 50

Likewise, if it has a static IP address, try using DHCP instead. The debian machine I do have 2 ethernet cards installed. I plan on playing around with ip masquearding and trying it as a firewall at some time.

ddclient dyndns not updating-13

My latest problem was something that Name Cheap does not show in their Knowledgebase example but was something I remembered having to do before.

That is that I have to put a comma between the Host Names that I want updated (The name that comes before the Domain Name).

To fix this error you need ddclient 3.8.2 but this PPA only has 3.8.1.

it's because of a typo or just a small tweek in the file.

Yea it resolves the ip address of but i can not ping it.