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Since sound travels through air at around 1.11 feet per millisecond (at normal temperatures), moving a microphone a few feet back from a sound source will delay by a few milliseconds how long it takes for the sound to get to the mic.

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Hopefully it will help you think a little bit differently about how you use delay in your own songs. Here is a clip of the main guitar riffs from U2’s songs “Bad” and “Where the Streets Have No Name”.

Each riff starts with the exact thing Edge is playing on his guitar during the song and then the delay/echo is turned on half way through, resulting in the sound you know: Note: This page is strictly limited to discussion about The Edge’s delay times.

His Korg SDD-3000s are mostly used for the long delays.

Though the SDD-3000 is a digital delay (it allows you to exactly dial in the delay length which is crucial), the modulation section of it adds a nice warmth.

I believe that usually, the initial (dry) signal is sent into both amps by both delay units.