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This site appears to be newly released, and the search results seem pretty relevant. Google Page Rank (Home Page) 2 Pages Indexed (in au “Pages from Australia”) 3,750 Alexa Rank 834,150 Monetisation: Via links to Ansearch – no “sponsored listings” as yet. Blackstump This appears to be a “one man show”, being run by “Pirate Pete” with a few helpers.

Whilst not a search engine per se, it is more a human edited directory of links with search within the site being powered by Google.

), but I recently delved into local search engine alternatives and was quite surprised at the breadth of choice. Web Wombat Web Wombat maintains it lists 20,000,000 Australian web pages.

To get your site listed quickly, you can opt for an “Express Registration” which costs $40 p.a. At the suggestion of our SEO guy, I listed Obits back in January 2006.

Online Since 2004 Google Page Rank (Home Page) 6 Pages Indexed (in au “Pages from Australia”) 429,000 Alexa Rank 38,965 Alexa Rank in Australia 489 Monetisation: Overture Yahoo! Anzwers (an Ansearch website) Home page is feature packed with news links to au, au and