Dating trust your instincts

It's been one month since the world watched boxing world champions, Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

and Manny Pacquiao in "The Fight of the Century." The match grossed 0 million in pay-per-view revenue and turned out to be the highest grossing pay-per-view event in history, which shows how much people really do enjoy a good fight.

Have you ever replayed a situation in your head after a relationship has ended and said to yourself ‘I knew something wasn’t right when he said that’? Look at your past two relationships or dating experiences and see if you can identify the alarm bells.

Most people have a few nerves when they’re dating, especially if they’re really interested in someone, and this is fine. There are many psychic love signs — he might choose dates that match your taste — but mostly it is just a feeling.

Finding Mr Right will make you feel warm, contented, special and safe.

There are two contenders not in the ring, but rather in the human body that I think make Mayweather and Pacquiao look like best buddies. These two organs are constantly battling it out when it comes to dating, relationships and love.

The heart is constantly showering you with details about how wonderful and perfect the guy or girl you are dating is.

Take a piece of paper and write out at least 100 things you would like in your future partner. You might meet people who aren’t good relationship material — you’ll need your intuition to be on the alert for men who aren’t what they seem to be.