Dating tama starclassic drums

Post some pics that show the mounts, badges and drum sizes and Id be happy to help you out.

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On the downside; you can't get them anymore, they don't have the same low fundamental tone as a thinner shell and are very heavy. I've got a 16" orphan in that color and have been trying to find a matching bass and tom(s) for several years now with no luck.

And here someone snagged a whole darn set of 'em.

Hoping to learn more about my Artstar II's based on the serial #'s. Jeff runs the forum and is a great guy and is all about Tama Granstar and Artstars.

also man there is a forum that has a bunch of TAMA guys that are out of Canada its a great forum in general, and for the life of me I cant remember the name of the forum, [/quote] Yeah I remember you posting pics of your kit over there some time ago.

Tama and Drum Workshop (DW) jointly bought the bankrupt Camco Drum Company.