Dating switzerland geneva

I met with several matchmaker services and was having difficulties in deciding who to join with.

I decided to try to work with Sélect Partner agency after a friend had worked with them.

I really appreciated their personal approach and quality clientele that I have encouraged my best friend to join the service.

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The best thing about it is, you can be as choosy as you want and you can get to know a fair amount about them (if they're sincere and honest, which admittedly not all are) all before meeting them.

In the time before meeting him, I had a few interesting and funny dates with all sorts of men, only one was totally off-putting.

After trying several international dating services, I decided to hire a boutique matchmaker in Geneva.

My criteria was very selective and I knew exactly what I wanted and Sélect Partner was up for the challenge!

We pre-select partners that are truly compatible with you, organize (upon the agreement of the two parties) and manage the meetings in Geneva and Switzerland, should you need assistance with this, and do thorough follow-ups. Give meaning to your love life and let us assist you in taking on this important project.