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In other words, you look, act and feel older than you actually are.

Well, this is not fair to you or to the woman that you will meet.

The bottom line is this: if you want to hang out with a younger woman, it's much easier and much more fair for both parties if you If you have read my web site at all, you know that it is packed with ways to do just that.

Having said that, you owe it to yourself and the relationship to relay your concerns, but be careful.

If you start randomly accusing them of things without examples you'll be the one behaving selfishly.

Think about it: if you'll follow what I have laid out, you can for Imagine being able to turn back the clock, for those willing to put in a little effort, a decade or two.

That is possible in every key area of your life using science and that brings about some interesting possibilites: Again, I am speaking from experience here: I started my life over with a wonderful and much younger woman and it has been just wonderful.

In fact, I think the “One Half Plus Nine” formula is actually better for most male/female relationships.