Bekaca - Dating pregnancy straight after a miscarriage

This was my 3rd miscarriage so I am aware of my body etc... I also have 2 healthy children who are 6 and 3 so I have a lot to be greatful for even though pregnancy for me came with it's own complications, I had pre-eclampsia in both pregnancies and both of my children were born prematurely. I am still in shock myself that I possibly could be pregnant again as I wasn't trying to get pregnant and we haven't really been intimate given all the emotional grief that came with the miscarriage despite it not being planned.

People have suggested lots of bizarre scenario's for what could be happening to me and I am open to anything and refuse to really "believe" that I am pregnant until I have it confirmed via ultrasound and see it for myself so to speak. I was just really wondering if I am pregnant how they might determine my due date initially without a dating scan.

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My consultant didn't feel becoming pregnant so soon was any increased risk for another miscarriage.

I would imagine you ovulated 10 - 14 days after your miscarriage, try and predict your due date from then - you'll only be a few days out if you had a positive test within 4 weeks of miscarriage. Adele 2 angels this year and EDD 17/06/2011 My cycles are around 46 days anyway, I had a miscarriage 25th August this year and ovulated on 30th Sept (i was using the ovulation tests) and conceived straight away.

The only way I have ever heard of dating a pregnancy is by scan so I can't atually help- sorry! Hope this little bean is a really sticky one and you can celebrate soon Helen xx It happened to me.

Someone did say somewhere on BC that they count from the day you stop bleeding but not sure about that...hopefully your mw should be able to help once she gets in touch. Using the mc as LMP my EDD was 29th March but the dating scan put me at 4th April so not too far out.

Please don't be offended if I seem a little negative...