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James Bernard Ramsey (born 1937) is a Canadian econometrician. in Mathematics and Economics from the University of British Columbia in 1963, and his M. After briefly serving as professor at University of Birmingham, England, and Michigan State University, Ramsey moved to New York University as Professor of Economics and Chair of the Economics Department between 19, where he remained for 37 years until his retirement in 2013.

He is a professor of Economics at New York University, and was Chair of the Economics Department between 19.

Paul's, losing to Aideen Nicholson, who had defeated Hellyer 14 years previously when he was a Tory MP in the adjacent riding of Trinity.

Hellyer believed that both the Progressive Conservative and Liberal parties were embracing globalization, and that the New Democratic Party was no longer able to provide a credible alternative.

Hellyer resigned from cabinet and the Liberal caucus in 1969 over a dispute with Trudeau over the implementation of the housing program.