Dating outside religion

In reality, however, the two are very different — it is readily possible to be a theist without a religion and it is just as possible to be religious without also being a theist.

Summer ’06 always assumed that she would raise her children Jewish.

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Believing incorporates an all-inclusive love–even when it’s hard and folks think differently from you.

Partnering with someone outside of your tradition means accepting another person as a beloved child of the Divine; it means acting just as Christ wanted you to: humbly and lovingly. In fact, if devotion is our aim, and we long for a lifetime of deepening our faith walks, we should open ourselves to sharing our lives with someone who views God through another lens.

This means that a religion without theism should be possible.

Are religion and theism effectively the same thing, such that every religion is theistic and every theist is also religious?

” or “Why do we pass the oyster crackers down the aisle, instead of going up front to receive it like other Christians?