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I grew up in an area known as Kent Park, which is off South River Street.

Upon my return home from the service I worked for the town of Marshfield for eleven years on the Tree Department, Fire Department, School Department as Head Custodian of the High School and have been employed with the Marshfield Post Office now for twenty five years.

Plain Street by the Memorial Park, Pine Street, Brant Rock, and Clay Pit Road.

Beaches: Burkes, Humarock, Rexham, and the South River swimming place.

Barbershops: Wiley’s on Webster Street, and Tom’s on Ocean Street Restaurants: The Webster Room, Ranch House, Duplex’s, Sands, Beacon, A&W Root Beer Standys, Moonbeam and Studleys Farms: Marteriner’s Chicken Farm (now Pine Area’s), Tony Carchia’s Farm, Peregrine White’s Farm, Ma & Pa Hayes Farm, Dwyer’s Farm, Cows on Union Street, Ferry Street, Fish Farm on Spring Street, The State Pheasant Farm and the pond out back, Peregrine White Farm Stand.