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Japanese people, who typically follow Shinto and Buddhist religions, don’t have as strong a sense of guilt over sex as people in the West, who follow Judeo-Christian traditions, with their strong concept of sin.

The Kojiki, one of the classics of the Shinto religion, contains a remarkably bawdy interlude: The sun goddess is lured out of her cave another goddess performs an impromptu striptease before the other assembled deities and concludes by masturbating on stage.

Out of all the markets Ashley Madison has penetrated, Japan was the fastest to reach one million members.

If the numbers continue to grow at the current pace, by the end of the year one per cent of the entire Japanese population will have joined.

There are plenty of hostess clubs, “soaplands,” and other services for men who are seeking something else outside of their marriage. But in some respects targeting women has proved difficult.