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Olsen-Stelzer is another old name in boots that grew out of the Justin family.They had catalogs early on and would do mail order to ranches and other places.

The movies made cowboy boots fashionable, as did the country-music industry and other cultural trends.

Boot makers started playing around with the design and they made boots for different functions.

Even today, nothing wears out on a cowboy boot very fast. German boot makers who immigrated to America helped shape the look of the cowboy boot, but the aesthetics of the cowboy boot became more pronounced in the movies.

You may lose a pull strap, but you’re not going to wear to the sole quick. The audience had to be able to tell from a distance that it was a cowboy boot, and there were symbols on the boot to identify the good guys from the bad guys.

Jennifer June doesn’t just collect boots—she collects the stories behind the boots and makes regular pilgrimages to meet their makers.