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In an intimate environment it’s serious with all the attached consequences.That doesn’t mean that it can’t happen in both places – it often does.

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It’s not uncommon for business colleagues to flirt outrageously in the office and then suddenly go cold when they’re in an intimate environment.

The reason is simple – in the office the flirting is safe – it’s practice.

You’ll just make a fool of yourself if you get it wrong. At the moment the girls are hot for George Clooney, Josh Hartnett, Brad Pitt, Jonny Depp and Paul Walker but that’ll change in a year or so. Still, you’re not out of the game you just really really need to read the section on what women want and do something about it. Well that’s the toughest of all questions because more than half the time they’re not sure themselves. Women want men to achieve this and then to be desired so much that they will give it up just for them.” There are a lot of hidden truths in that statement but one that is often overlooked is this. Above all else, a woman wants proof of a man’s desire. and this is a big however, if the man has any of the characteristics listed below then his chances fall incredibly fast.

(We’re not being patronizing – just truthful.) What women want changes depending on their age, their culture, the century and the time of their menstrual cycle? Most women will be pleased with their catch if the man has just five (5) of the above characteristics. Women don’t want men to give up insignificance, poverty and being scorned for them. These are: So before you even think about women take two steps.

Another factor that will impact on your flirting is time and place.