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"I remember walking up to get my diploma," says Mc Carthy, "and there was no applause except my little mom and dad.

I wanted to say, ' I've been nothing, nothing but nice. "Then you come over here," says the announcer, "and Jenny Mc Carthy's going to be there to greet you! Off to the side of the stage, Mc Carthy, wearing high heels and shiny blue rubber pants, is chatting with her co-host, stand-up comedian Chris Hardwick.

Blond, blue-eyed and suffused with the energy of a 2-year-old in critical need of Ritalin, she is the perfect host of As she puts it, "I'm not trying to be a supermodel up there. "I came here because of the positive energy, everybody laughing and, well, Jenny." "On this show, the big question is, ' You havin' sex with Jenny? "Turn-ons: guys on Harleys, daredevils, men who aren't afraid to cry or show their emotion Turnoffs: bullies, steroid monsters, guys who give you their business cards and say, "Call me, babe, I can make you a star." Mc Carthy steeled herself for the reaction to her new career. "She was scared to death," says her mother, Linda Mc Carthy, a vivacious woman with a frequent laugh. She wears a giant blue sweatshirt emblazoned with the Pepsi logo – standard TV-celebrity graft – as well as black leggings, white sneakers and sunglasses, which are perched jauntily on her head.

In fact, I make a complete jackass out of myself." She yells her lines. Onstage a not-altogether-healthy energy is building as a sideburned announcer, standing next to a board marked Body, Nose, Hair Length, Intelligence, Commitment and Body Hair, further riles up the twitching, hooting contestants. ' " says Hardwick, who in all probability is having sex with his girlfriend, Jacinda, from the London cast of "That or, ' You havin' sex with contestants? "She wrote us each beautiful letters saying how happy she was with her childhood. She's got this big ol' heart." Nonetheless, the news took some adjusting to. There was a huge protest in the city." Anonymous callers informed Mc Carthy that she would burn in hell. At her feet snuffles Jo Jo, a chubby, amiable bulldog named after Mc Carthy's sister Joanne.

Ray Manzella has managed Suzanne Somers, Vanna White, Pamela Anderson Lee and, as of two years ago, Jenny Mc Carthy.