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The Czechoslovak Republic, a parliamentary democracy, was governed from 1918 to 1935 by Masaryk, who was succeeded by his pupil Beneš.

Although the tempos greatly vary, modern musicians stilladhere to the basic 1-2-3-4 rhythm laid down by the original Merengue players and the end of the compositions are often characterized by a sharp quickening in pace which is matched by the dancers┬┤ final fast and energetic jive-like movements.

Although listening to the albums of renowned musicians such as Wilfrido Vargas, Johnny Ventura or Los Hermanos Rosario will give you a taster of this lively musical genre, it is only by travelling to the Dominican Republic and experiencing the art form first-hand that you will truly be able to appreciate the incredible atmosphere producedduring an authentic Merengue performance.

Although the historical origin of Merengue music and dance may be uncertain, its nationalistic importance during the Trujillo era (1930-1961) is well-recorded.

A keen Merengue dancer himself, the powerful Dominican leader, Rafael Trujillo, endeavored to promote Merengue as a national symbol and it is thanks to his influential affiliation with the art form that Merengue is still so widely enjoyed in the Dominican Republic today.

This creates a fluid movement which is truly mesmerizing for spectators to watch when being performed by professionals.