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These sleeves could be easily swapped between outfits and laundered whenever they got dirty.Courtiers might accept an unbuttoned sleeve from a lady as a love token, or wave sleeves in jubilation at a jousting tourney.

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Italians still describe the rooms where powerful leaders meet as On women’s clothes particularly, buttons traced the body’s lines in suggestive ways, making clothes tight in all the right places or offering up intriguing points of entry.

Along with ribbons, laces or bows, buttons were often used on detachable sleeves, a fad that ran from the 13th to 15th centuries.

These pages illustrate visual examples of back types including shanks and other means of attachment.

Each example represents one of the back types listed in the glossary which can be accessed with link just below this paragraph.

The glossary was compiled from a review of all the references listed at the bottom of this page.