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By the way, I’ll be off for now and will stop blogging for a very short period of time.

Just going in to a vacation with the whole family and we are required to be off with our online life! I know this will be a fun Christmas vacation Keep Safe, If you are a woman, aiming for a higher than average education level just about kills your chances at dating – and this I say from personal experience.

The commission used an exemption in the Freedom of Information Act that allows agencies to withhold information if they believe it could jeopardise their operations."Once a report has been submitted, the ACORN system automatically refers suitable reports to law enforcement agencies for consideration and possible investigation."Melbourne woman Anna Krien waited almost a year before receiving a response from the police after making a report to ACORN.

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The daring work of art is an allegory for the concept of spiritual awakening.

It examines the prevalent ideologies that are internalized in our culture, and in true post-modern form; the thematic piece tends to raise more questions than answers.

Even while in college I found many normally adventurous guys were intimidated once they learned that I was taking up my Ph D in Education.

I remember thinking that maybe marriage is only meant for the intellectually challenged among us, and perhaps those women who make it a point to hide their intelligence.

I’ve figured out some obvious and some not-too-obvious reasons (you should try this conversation guide form (good stuff)): Men feel threatened by intelligent women. ) men feel emasculated by women who are smarter than they are. Brainy just because you feel that she’s a little too out of your league.