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Due to the high demand, we have kept the old comments script for you guys.Other new features include a new top story script, poll, images inside news posts and much more!She is one of the most popular superstars in Nigeria and is not only a hit singer, but also model—and currently aspires to be an actress.

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However, what works with a woman like this is to make her feel attracted to you and then only show interest when she is on her best behavior.

If she plays hard to get, just pull your interest back.

Chidinma Ekile Chidinma has an artsy look to her, loves to sing, and is a recognized and popular music artist, songwriter, and brand ambassador for one of Nigeria’s biggest brand names.

She always has new hair colors to show off, is very intriguing, and loves entertaining!

When things begin to escalate to kissing or sex, she will often pull back because she wants to maintain her superficial identity of being an innocent woman who doesn’t have sex so easily.