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However, we didn’t work in the same department, and I feel that play a part in making it a success.

We were dating secretly at first because we didn’t want to cause any concern.

In such an event, says Scher, the company is open to lawsuits, bad press, and unpleasant turbulence that can seriously disrupt operations.

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This in itself is like dating.” -Christian Sees Partner Integrus Financial, LLC “I met my wife at the office, so you can guess which side I’m on when it comes to workplace relationships.

But since I’ve been through it before, I also know the challenges and pitfalls of dating a coworker.

The potential for bias, confusion, complex relationship dynamics, and in-fighting increases where these kinds of dual-role relationships exist,” he adds.

Worse still, when a supervisor is in a relationship with a subordinate, the line between romance and sexual harassment becomes increasingly thin.

Even before the romance has begun, ask yourself what the risks and possibilities [are]. Do you feel confident they will handle the relationship professionally, regardless of the outcome? Dating the boss is definitely going to have an impact on your reputation.