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The sideways movement, ducking in and out of holes, and a lickity split chase back to the sea is amusing to her. She will dance her way around any questions she doesn’t want to answer.

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She is the woman who, astrologically, is most likely cut out to be a mother. Just as the Crab has the hard shell to protect the fragile parts, Miss Cancer’s home is representation of that hard shell. She has a tendency to be a bit old fashioned and prefers to work on, in, or from the home.

Her children are her whole world; and as nurturing as she is, she won’t hesitate to use those pincers to keep her offspring in line. She has delicate feelings and does not require harsh comments or yelling to understand your issue.

She is nurturing and protective of those she loves.

She can be a bit demanding on occasion, but it is only out of love.

Treat her like the most precious gem, organize a dinner at candlelight, read her your favorite love poem and be ready to spend lots of your time with her.