Dating a blind woman wife was dating another woman

You know, the one that’s inching closer to you right now. You can use your blindness as an excuse to get out of doing certain chores (even though you are perfectly capable of doing them yourself). You don’t have to put up with dirty looks from others. You can roll your eyes as often as you want, and not be judged. They are pretty much the same as the benefits of dating a blind man, but when you date a blind woman, you don’t have to wait forever for her to fix her make-up or her hair, or try on 50 different outfits before she decides upon one that is simply “perfect.” You also don’t have to wait for her to apply polish to her fingernails. Just tell her you created a special love message in Braille for her, and see if she can decipher it! Feel free to answer, even if you’re a sighted person!

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My tips are geared toward dating a sighted person and also are cautionary because I am a woman.

I quickly realized that some of the traditional methods of dating change when you become disabled and also are female.

According to a couple of blind people I know, there are!

You don’t have to buy light bulbs or have a night-light on your bedside table.

In lieu of a cell number, some have given out an e-mail address instead.