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In both cases, the singles may have been trying to cast a wider net, given that men are more likely to register Republican and women are more likely to identify as Democrats.

Still, the results weren’t particularly encouraging for single liberals of either sex.“With most pundits predicting that Democrats will lose control of the Senate as well as seats in the House, the prospects aren’t any better for liberals with men and romance,” Mr. The dating site advertises that it has 2.2 million members, and while they’re billed as “successful,” not all are millionaires.

“Willing to lie about where we met,” wrote a 28-year-old woman from the progressive stronghold of Austin, Tex.

Not all the profiles are looking for romantic love, however, such as a 38-year-old woman searching for a “friend to watch Glenn Beck with” or a 63-year-old woman looking for a friend with whom to ride motorcycles.

schedule, and you’ll find workshops about taxes and the Constitution and foreign affairs.