Computer stuck updating windows

If this method didn’t work try method 2Recently windows have released an update for its windows update agent which have a couple of bug fixes.The download links for the same are given below You’ll see a MSU file in your downloads folder when it’s completed.So if you have not left the computer on “Checking for updates” stage for an hour I would suggest you try it out.

computer stuck updating windows-38

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For some, the Windows 10 upgrade process has been a pretty smooth affair. Some during installation and others during activation. Microsoft has detailed a few points in particular, where the Windows 10 upgrade process may appear to hang: Well the only suggestions one can give for those facing such problems is to wait. Apart from this, another suggestion is that if the upgrade seems sluggish, disconnect any USB devices and extended display cables that may be connected.

There is a small set of users who have faces issues during the upgrade or installation process itself. There are several things that will decide the speed of your upgrade. This is expected to speed up the download and upgrade process significantly.

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