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The story below is out of date, as Sony has changed a few things since this story was first written.For a complete and more-up-to-date breakdown of the PS4’s hardware specs, see our PS4 vs. We also have some hands-on impressions of the PS4, if you’re more interested in the interface and games.We don’t have the exact dimensions yet, but it looked pretty big on stage at E3.

This is in contrast to the Xbox One, which allows publishers to control how its games are resold.

On the flip side, though, the PS4 does require Play Station Plus if you wish to play multiplayer games online — just like the Xbox 360 and One with Xbox Live Gold.

It waited for Microsoft to skewer itself with the always-on DRM debacle, and then it came through with a console that gives gamers complete ownership of their games.

(See: Microsoft: Xbox One will be always-online, publishers can disable game trade-ins.) It let Microsoft lead with a high $500 price point, and then came in at $400.

The Sony PS4 will be priced at $399, €399, £349, (the PS4 pre-order is available now) and will be released “this holiday season.” (November 15 in the US, November 29 in Europe.) We already know that the Xbox One will be released in November, and it’s very likely that the PS4 will be available around the same time.