Civ 5 achievements not updating Mastabation chat rooms

Steam claims I’ve played over 300 hours, although there was a considerable stretch of time there where I was playing in offline mode, so I doubt those stats are 100% accurate.

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As far as the enemy AI Civ is concerned, I’d pick Egypt, at least until you have Tomb Raider.

You’ve got to wait for Egypt to build burial tombs, and then take a city that has one.

Reload the game, and see if the achievement debug log registers the changes.

It takes a couple of minutes, but that’s better than wasting hours with nothing to show for it.

I've got master of the universe, so what units did I miss? Check the file in the Civ 5 folder for the following lines: ; Enable the logging system Logging Enabled = 1 Once you've set the parameter to 1 that should re-enable the file which will update the next time you exit CIV V.