Christian dating stories should i dump her dating

In old-fashioned love stories you don’t carelessly fling your mind, emotions, and body upon someone the moment that they say they like you.

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We realized that if we started focusing on our feelings for each other rather than our mutual passion for Christ, we would push Him to the outside of our romance. We asked Him to guard our hearts and not unlock passion for each other until the proper time. We didn’t sit close together on the couch and whisper into each other’s ear. We didn’t spend time cuddling or gazing into each other’s eyes.

In the meantime, we agreed to keep our conversation, focus, and energy centered upon Jesus Christ and not each other. Here we were, a young couple in a serious relationship with the intention of getting married someday – and we didn’t even act like we were dating. Instead, we encouraged each other to pursue more of Christ. We supported each other in the individual ministry steps God challenged us to take.

Without the power of Christ’s Spirit, it simply can’t be done.

When I think about the early days of my love story with Eric, I don’t just remember the wonder of falling in love and the beauty of discovering Eric’s heart.

Instead of spending mindless hours on the phone with Eric every night, I waited with eager anticipation for his once-a-week call from the payphone outside his missionary school. We didn’t waste time talking about meaningless things.