Chauffeur personals dating

And thinking you would end up being one, is just an insult to us guys.

What about the womenh that don't drive, they are 10 times worse, especially single moms -- drive her to work, the kids to the babysitters, take her grocery shopping etc etc -- yeah I know not every women is like that but I have dated a few who made me wanna stick a BECK sign on my forehead.

Assuming anything makes you shallow Is pretty false. You want to go out to the movies, who is going to drive? You want to see each other, do you take a cab and spend $20 every couple of days to go to her place or do you ask her to come over to see you since she has a vehicle.

Most men may not say "Drive me here, take me shopping" and whatnot, but the responsibilities of the one with the car in a relationship can be annoying and taxing.

Ladies, would you not date a guy who didn't have a car or drove?