Can you be friends after dating

It is quite possible, but as long as you're open and honest with each other, and yourselves as to what your relationship now is. I tried staying friends with an ex for years who never totally got over his feelings for me and I finally had to give up the friendship. Yes, my ex and I are good friends, I still love him and he me. We had a big age difference, I am 14 years older than him and I couldn't live with that, so I left him, but he is a good man and was good to me so why not be friends, you will just have to let your sexual feelings for him go(if that's what you mean by strong feelings? You can love someone, really and truly but find its just not the kind of love that lasts a lifetime.

I have stayed friends with exhusband - on phone only - but I would say that any of my ex's if I saw them today we would be friends - never broke up on bad terms. I have plenty of girlfriends to keep me company and really don't want the complication in my life of x-boyfriends hanging around, nor do I want any shady x-girlfriends of the guy I happen to be dating in the picture either. So as long as you are on the same page it shouldn't be a problem. The barrier is if you still have feelings for him and at some level want to be back in a relationship with him.

]Thats my problem I really like him alot and the thought of him being with someone else does hurt me. I was thinking over time I would get over these feelings but i don't know if i can. Thanks everyone for all your advice and stories It has given me alot to think about!! Most of my romantic relationships began as friendships,so making that sort of transition has never been to too difficult.

In fact, I started dating a guy last summer and after we broke up in January(because of the long distance factor),we remained best friends.......................... Weve been going strong ever since Hey my ex is one of my best friends.

"I want to be just friends, but I still like you too much. I am great friends with my all the time and have for four years since we split up.