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Nikki Night: I had been camming for a little over 2 years, when I got a call from my sister telling me that she heard about this crazy porn job I might be interested in.

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I have to say that you couldn’t have chosen a better partner for me to host the show with than Thomas.

I met him for the first time at last year’s AWSummit and he was instantly my #1 bb.

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    Balazs, a man about town best known for his celebrity-studded restaurants and hotels, is tall and dark with a penchant for suave suits and a touch of Gene Kelly in his muscular build and grace.

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    “We have been very happy together and apart from a few isolated incidents, we have not experienced any open hostility towards our relationship.”Admitting that at first her parents disapproved – she was told while growing up never to come home with a white man – Clarke explains that her parents have come to accept her relationship decision because she would not back down, and Kennedy has proved his commitment to her and, most importantly, her family.“I come from a stereotypical Caribbean black family and I am the first Clarke to date a white person,” she says.“At first my parents were dead against my relationship with Paul, but our commitment towards one another has outshined any doubts.”Clarke, who lives with her parents, says that her three-year relationship with her present partner is no different to previous ones with black men.“I don’t believe being with Paul is any different from any of my past relationships.