Bryan craig dating

Adding to the speculation about a Craig-Thiebaud baby – two weeks prior Kelly was tagged in a photo on Twitter – and it appears Thiebaud is drinking water while enjoying a night out with the girls. @kellythiebaud @Sky Lizzels #Gloria Moorman.” Friends, former co-stars and “GH” fans want to know! Lots of questions were asked by Twitter and Instagram followers. Others want to know when Kelly and Bryan are getting married. However her response was very preculiar, implying that she might be undergoing IVF?

Are Kelly Thiebaud and Bryan Craig expecting a baby? Until Kelly and Bryan make a formal announcement “General Hospital” fans will just keep speculating! At the very least Kelly directly implies that she and Bryan are trying to get pregnant!

Some want to see the character exit with no recast and others are clamoring for someone new to take on the role.

With the revelation from Bryan Craig that his scenes are not done airing, we can expect to see Morgan soon, but when and how?

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On November 30 Thiebaud tweeted, “I crush on you everyday baby #mcm lucky lucky me! Let us know what you think in the comments section below and come back to CDL for all the juicy “General Hospital” news, gossip and spoilers!