Britney spears dating again

She has no stylist, image consultant, crisis-control manager or driver.She has pushed away her family: her brother and father ("It is sad that all the men in my life do not know how to accept a real woman's love," she explained); her sister Jamie Lynn, whom she speaks to on the phone and sees rarely; and, most important, her preening, difficult mother, Lynne, whom Britney considers poisonous."She goes through people like she goes through dogs," says a close friend.

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Under the terms of their prenup, Kevin Federline was due only $1 million of Britney's estimated $30 million fortune, and his sole route to future riches is custodial support, although his intentions are widely considered to be more honorable.

Federline currently receives $20,000 a month, and his hope is to keep at least part-time custody โ€” a goal his lawyer, diminutive powerhouse Mark Vincent Kaplan, is well on his way to achieving in the court of Commissioner Scott Gordon.

Photos: Britney Spears' Universe, Her Family, Staff, Love Interests and Collaborators Only a few kids are in the store, a young girl with her brother and two blondes checking out fake-gold charm bracelets. The card won't go through, but they keep trying it.

Britney rifles the racks as the Cure's "Pictures of You" blasts into the airless pink boutique, grabbing a pink lace dress, a few tight black numbers and a frilly red crop top, the kind of shirt that Britney used to wear all the time at seventeen but isn't really appropriate for anyone over that age. "Please," begs Ghalib, "get this done quickly." One of the girls runs to Britney's dressing room, explaining the situation through a pink gauze curtain.

Over the past year, it's looked several times like she was going to get it together, but then girlfriend messes up again.