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Believe it or not, it's been 12 years since "Cheaper by the Dozen" was released in theatres.

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According to many sites, it is assumed that Landis went on to study at Vincennes University in Indiana. Blake Woodruff appeared in both "Cheaper by the Dozen" films and a few other acting gigs before leaving Hollywood for good in 2007. The actor welcomed his daughter in 2014 with fiancé Mila Kunis.

sequel picks up with Martin's Tom Baker experiencing the first symptoms of the "empty-nest syndrome".

No longer the chubby child, Kevin Schmidt has grown up to be a successful young man with good looks to boot!

Before the film, Schmidt played a number of minor TV roles.

Age: 37 Tom Welling gained fame for his role as Clark Kent in the TV series "Smallville." After a few years on the show, he then landed the role as Charlie, the Baker's rebellious oldest son, in "Cheaper by the Dozen." Welling has appeared in a few other acting roles since then, the most notable being his role in "Parkland," a film drama recounting the events of U. The 27-year-old continues to act today and is also a mom to a three-year-old son named Luca.