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19.5 MB 1/29/2012 Mike Arrigo Shows how to overcome custom modifications to Android that manufacturers sometimes use that limits accessibility, shows how to connect a Bluetooth GPS receiver, demonstrates Google Goggles, and demonstrates a file manager.40.7 MB 9/27/2011 Tim Hindle reviews this portable radio with exceptional FM Reception.

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25.9 MB 9/13/2011 Neal Ewers puts this newest recorder of the Zoom line through its paces.

He describes the layout, sonically compares it with other zoom recorders, and uses all 5 microphones on the unit to capture a variety of sounds as well as his description of how the microphones work to bring about a new era of sound in inexpensive portable recorders.

He is extremely pleased about how accessible the app is with screen reader software.

18.0 MB 5/31/2011 Dane Trethowan reviews this replacement of the CCRadio 1.

106.5 MB 2/15/2012 Bob Jutzi describes the techniques needed to use Quicken 20 successfully with a screen reader.