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Dillon, for his part, lay there, his face full of expectancy. Sunday morning began with a lazy breakfast; the women were both up around am.

The soft vibrating sounds against my pillow caused my eyes to open enough to see the flashing lights of Skype. But as soon as I walked in the door, the sight in front of my eyes made me realize that wasn’t going to happen. She knows that her agent says one week, yet it doesn’t take a week to read her novels.

My eyes closed against the harshness of the lights as my fingers wrapped around the phone. Sitting in my living room were my girlfriend, Paige, and four of her friends. She should know by now whether or not it got accepted.

At the club I met a very attractive, twenty two year old black man who my Husband invites back to our hotel room.

While Aaron watched quietly from the couch, Harris, droves me to a...

Is this a fantasy come true—meeting a smart, sexy, beautiful woman in an empty bar in the middle of nowhere—two strangers seducing each other and ending up fucking each other’s brains out in a seedy motel?