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In order to be awarded backdated benefit you must: It is possible for there to be 'continuous good cause' for Housing Benefit, but not Council Tax Reduction Scheme and vice versa.

There is no exact legal definition of what is good cause.

Options granted as of the commencement of employment based on the market price as of the date of acceptance may be problematic if the plan does not permit below-market grants or the grant is not treated as a discounted option for accounting and tax purposes.

A company may want to give a new employee the benefit of any increase in the stock price from the date of acceptance of the employment offer.

Grants to new employees based on inaccurate employment commencement dates are troublesome.

Options that are granted at less than fair market value result in higher levels of compensation expense.

Before FAS 123R, generally only options granted below fair market value resulted in any compensation expense.

Alternatively, write a letter and send it along with the claim form.