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Even if there are really any, play a tourist and take a walk down the streets.Check different coffee-shops that recently opened and choose something that you really like. It actually can be a part of your park-strolling first date, but in case you don't want to walk and you already know a great place in the park you'd like to take your date to, organize a BYO-picnic.

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I asked a girl to come with me and it was excellent.

I had a bottle of wine in my bag so when the tour ended at the Opera House, we could sit and share it, while looking out over the best harbour in the world.” Tom, 26 3.

It’s time to take advantage of that warmer weather with your partner.

Check this out our springtime options, and get prepared for the amazing months ahead.

Go for a $10 pub steak “It doesn’t sound that romantic, but what guy doesn’t love a good steak?