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Europe, in particular ancient Greece, is the birthplace of Western civilization.

The fall of the Western Roman Empire, during the migration period, marked the end of ancient history and the beginning of an era known as the "Middle Ages".

The site is also used by Russian, Serbian, Polish and Bulgarian women and Slovenian, Czech or Slovakian women who mostly are looking for love abroad in western Europe or America.

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The currency of most countries of the European Union, the euro, is the most commonly used among Europeans; and the EU's Schengen Area abolishes border and immigration controls among most of its member states.

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    I don't look at all 20 and some mistake me for being 18. I am no angel and I believe there are men who are even more innocent and honest than me, yet they scare me!!! I think what freaks me out most of all is that "creepy gaze" that I've seen some other posts mention. It has been buried for quite some years and I dug it up a few days ago, while I was gazing at my silhouette in a shopping window one rainy night. because I don't "appreciate" the sexual advances of men on here. Although when I try to vent about it on here, just to get it off my chest, I get attacked by men saying "how dare you not stand up for the men who get sexually harassed" .... When I say every male in my life has been harsh and cruel I mean it.

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    A cricket journalist recounts how he had bumped into Neha years ago at Yuvraj’s hotel when the latter was playing a game in the city.