Are leighton and ed westwick dating

But if that didn't sell it, this sure will: He just praised Vladimir Putin on Twitter!!!After the end of TV series Gossip Girl, fans from all over the world are wanting more and more.actress petitioned the White House to get custody of her two kids — son Hermes, 8 and daughter Helena, 5.

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" [ essay penned by the 34-year-old reality star, he describes the various ways his life is different ever since signing a six-year contract with the show.

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Isn‘t it romantic to fall in love with someone from the other side of the barricade?

Recently they caught attention of the paparazzi again. The only thing can be said: a new/old Ed Westwick girlfriend is back into his life again.

Not to mention, Ryan Gosling has lived with both Justin Timberlake AND Michelle Williams at points in his life!