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AE: The cast is so big but who would you like to see Imogen mix it up with, not even romantically, but just who she doesn’t get to have a lot of scenes with? I’m really close with Jessica Tyler in real life so I’d love to have more scenes with her.AE: You’re a trained singer and dancer in real life. CP: I sing a little bit on the show and I play the tambourine in the band but no dancing yet.I think her quirkiness and her weirdness stems from her family life.

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What does Prosperi think of a potential matching of Imogen with transgender character Adam (Jordon Todosey)?

And who’s responsible for Imogen’s funky, beyond-cute look?

Cristine also had a small role in the movie Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming and a role in the movie Your Beautiful Cul de Sac Home. She has several commercials under her belt; she shot an Xbox commercial with the Jonas Brothers and Vanessa Morgan from The Latest Buzz.

Cristine stars as Mikayla Walker in the new Epitome show Open Heart with fellow co stars Dylan Everett and Justin Kelly.

Alicia Keys and Jay-Z told her once that if she could make it here she could make it anywhere...she's working on this.