Android cursorloader not updating

in on Load Finished, call something like: I may have chosen the first example in my code, one where it's an array adapter, because we need to look up additional information that is not in the cursor, nor in the DB the cursor comes from (ie it's in a different database, so I can't use a JOIN in the query).There are several other simplecursoradapter (or derived from simple cursor) that do Are you using a Simple Cursor Adapter and then looking up additional info?I'm having a bit of a problem with android's Cursor Loader.

android cursorloader not updating-83

I don't see any implicit call to restart Loader(even though db is changed) and the listview also is not updated with new item added. How does a Cursor Loader automatically updates the view even if app is not active???

Thanks :) EDIT: I have also used get Context()Content Resolver().notify Change(inserted Id, null) in insert of my content provider.

I have a content provider, a content resolver, and a cursor loader.

The loader is used to indirectly populate a listview (ie not a simple cursor adapter, rather an array adapter, since I need to use the cursor's results to gather other data).

I see that you aren't calling swap Cursor or change Cursor in your on Load Finished and on Loader Reset.