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Adrien enjoyed poking fun at the fact that she could literally pick him up with no problem.Nino and Alya turned towards Marinette for her introduction of Adrien.

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Eventually, Marinette realized that she was getting too old to be Ladybug anymore.

She and Tikki had a long conversation with how to proceed. Hawkmoth had been dealt with in her eleventh year of school, and the only thing she and Chat were doing was preventing petty crimes.

Other times, they would play random video games for hours on end, attempting to one up the other no matter the game.

Marinette thought they made each other better and she was so glad she had gotten over her crush, she didn’t think she would have gotten this close with him otherwise.

She had grown out of her teenage crush by the time they became close enough friends for her not to stutter every other sentence.

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