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Submitted by Victoria (Canada), Apr 28, 2010 at Hi everyone, I need an advice please!!I am dating this Persian guy it's been many months now and he is muslim but not practicing his religion.

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Women in Iran: Your dress must have long sleeves and it should be long (above your knees) Men in Iran: Wear long pants or jeans. We really felt safe everywhere during our stay in Iran.

Southeast of Iran is a bit dangerous if you want to travel alone.

We paid 80.000 Rial (currently this is cca 2 EUR) for our card with 20.000 Rial of credit on it, but we also met some people who paid twice that, so be careful about the price (also, prices and exchange rates do change very fast in Iran due to inflation, so take that also into account).

The other option is to go to a shop that sells cell phones and ask them for a sim card.

If you decide to go to the southeast of Iran, it’s much better to travel with local people who know the area.