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You can’t know what is best for someone else, only for you. In the same vein, no one else can know what is right for you (even your mom, unfortunately).

It’s our annual tradition (17 years running) to head to the woods for Thanksgiving weekend and forage for something edible and tasty…preferably porcini but other edibles will do!

We didn’t find a ton this year but enough for a nice, large, dinner when we got home.

You can’t steer by what other people want or need, and it will make you crazy trying to figure out what that is anyway. And then, most important of all, Make a commitment to love and trust yourself above all others. Even when it seems like your choice might hurt another.

Every one of the choices I made in my life in order to avoid hurting someone has ended up hurting them (and me) more in the long run.

“One should always be on the trail of one’s own deepest nature.” ~Henry David Thoreau I am watching my beautiful eighteen-year-old daughter begin to navigate life as a young adult.