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We had to hold our ground on that one." Whatever the story Apple was a great name for the new startup, and the antithesis of the old guard of Hewlett-Packard, Fairchild, etc.

As Michael Malone writes in his Apple history ‘Infinite Loop’ the Apple name was “smart, funny, antiestablishment, unforgettable, friendly but hip.” It wasn’t just a name “it was the culmination of the Age of Aquarius”.

Once a great ally of Apple and partner pioneer in desktop publishing’s marriage of Post Script and Apple’s Mac and Laser Writer Adobe fell from grace when the once-faithful design software partner apparently abandoned Apple at its lowest moment.

Adobe jilted the Mac from key program upgrades (most notably with its Premiere video-editing software), forcing Apple to create its own alternatives (Final Cut, which it bought from Macromedia before Adobe bought that company itself - it's incestuous industry, isn't it, which means perceived slights and public proclamations often lead to nasty little tit-for-tat battles such as this one).

Secondo alcune fonti è stata importante la macchina della diplomazia italiana che si attivata con prontezza.